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Math Solutions

I am currently working through the exercises of several Mathematics textbooks.

Current progress can be seen on my math github repository.

The pdfs for this repository are hosted here as a convenience. They are updated as I progress through the exercises.

There are bound to be errors, in proofs or other items. Please feel free to submit a pull request or notify me.

Abstract Algebra, 3rd Edition. Dummit and Foote

This is a classic textbook for Abstract Algebra and with close to 2000 exercises…it’s a behemoth.




Real Analysis, 3rd Edition. Walter Rudin (aka “Baby Rudin”)

Another classic and the first in the famous triology of Baby Rudin, Papa Rudin, and Grandpa Rudin.


Introduction to Analytic Number Theory, Apostol


Geometry: Euclid and Beyond, Hartshorne